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Get Glue Project Abandoned

I have decided to walk away from my GetGlue XBMC add-on.  I have had very little extra time to focus on this project and as a result have found the python learning curve insurmountable.  Having large gaps between opportunities to work on the project lead to starting from square one with each effort. I have however found another add-on that looks to fill the void my efforts were trying to fill.  Please take a look at traktheglue by mcassiano.

GetGlue XBMC Add-On Update

I tried running the OAuth Keys through the site recommended by GetGlue and it seems to be working.  Now I just have to figure out how to make it work automatically via Python Scripts inside the Add-On rather than hand entered on a form.  The site I used to test the OAuth Key was; http://term.ie/oauth/example/client.php




4 Days into my GetGlue Addon

Progress Report:

What’s been done:
So far I have taken a few add-ons that do a similar function that I am hoping my add-on can do and I have taken a long look at their code both the .xml addon file as well as their python scripts. I don’t know python and am unable to find a good collection of xbmc specific commands that seem to be in play. Read more »

New Project- GetGlue XBMC Add-on

So I started a new project!  I have been playing around with XBMC on my home computer for a year or so now and have really enjoyed the open source software that I can play around with a little.  I have extremely limited coding knowledge/experience so I have only been able to do minor tweeks with a high level of research and documentation to guide me.  I have decided to take a deeper jump into the software world with my new project to develope a GetGlue add-on for XBMC.  The reasons for the project are threefold;

  1. Increase my knowledge of software structures and languages, specifically how to work in Python, make xml documents and how to work with API calls.
  2. To give something back to the open source community of XBMC.  I love the software and I love the idea and practice of open source projects and wish to contribute rather than leach.  Even if I can only start the process and work in collaboration with other more skilled developers I have given SOMETHING back.
  3. To have some fun.  I have been toying with learning some programming languages before but didn’t really have any projects that would hold my interest.  I think this project will be fun in educating myself about things I care about.

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